Week of Monday 18-Mar-13



Read the story of Al-Bara r.a., a “بطل الإسلام”

Saw two cartoon movies (partially).

Note: I think there are better alternatives than Jazeeratul Kanz since it has too much music. It is hard to keep muting the sound. So, I think we should gradually detach them from that cartoon movie. However, reading the same story should help him learn words and structure.


Review vocabulary cards.



Ask one question a day of this pattern:

هل أكلتَ؟ هل شربتَ؟ هل ركضتَ؟

This week I have told him to ask the questions (to his older siblings, parents). Last week he was to answer the questions.


Week of Monday, 11-Mar-2013



Practiced interview.

  1. أين تسكن؟ أسكن في فيلكن كامبلكس. أين تعلمت العربية.

About My School

  1. أدرس فيها العربية و الأردية و الإنجليزية و الحساب و العلم
  2. ألعب فيها كرة السلة و كرة القدم ولا ألعب كرة الطائرة


Super short speech about his school (he can review the notes from the register). The vocabulary should help him in the interview too. BTW, he is so excited about Intellect’s new campus (the swimming pool and all). He needs to be mentally prepared before his first visit to Ibn Abbas.


Please practice this pattern, even if its one question a day:

هل أكلتَ؟

نعم، أكلتُ

Other words from last Sunday’s Cricket with Commentary (Ammar, Huzaifah, and myself being the commentators):

رميت، ضربت، ركضت

[I threw (the ball), I hit (the ball), I ran]