Week of Mon 22-apr-13


  • Competition for longer sentence (wonderful experience!).
  • Two lines of nasheed from animated cartoon movie.

أرضي دعت لبّوا النداء…

  • Nasheed lines in the register
  • Start preparing for a comprehensive test.



“Interpolation” of the nasheed… Practice at real time (whenever a parent calls the children)

أبي دعا لَبّوا النداء

أمّي دعت لبّوا النداء


Week of Mon 15-apr-13

  • Heard animated nasheed about the prophets mentioned in the Quran
  • Read story of about camels, a man named Mish’al, and Ibn akheehi. (only Ammar)
  • Two lines of nasheed (general meaning explained).

هل يا أبت كلّ الرسل قد ذكروا بكتاب الله…

Week of Monday 8-Apr-13



  • Listened to nasheed portion (about the two aunts and grandparents).
  • 2 or 3 stories from the life of Abdullah ibn Masood radhiy-Allahu ‘anhu
  • Re-watched a portion of the cartoon.
  • Revised 5 ahadeeth from the yellow book.


Learn the words and the phrases listed (in black) in the register.



  • Recited the nasheed portion about relatives couple of times.
  • Reinforced that “ammatee” does not mean chachi.
  • Repeated some of the ahadeeth.
  • Alhamdulillah, I got to talk to them about accepting defeat and victory in the proper way by linking to an incident in the cartoon.


If this phrase can be used frequently, it would nice:

استَعِدّوا يا أولاد

which is a variation of an expression from the cartoon.

Wednesday, 3-Apr-13


reviewed nasheed (Ammar)

Game based on describing a person’s relations including the 8 words for cousins

ابن عمي و ابن عمتي و ابن خالي و ابن خالتي و ابنة عمي و ابنة عمتي و ابنة خالي و ابنة خالتي

Area that needed some work:

Ammatee does not mean chachi.

Khaal does not mean khaalu in urdu.

Week of Monday 1-Apr-13

Classwork: Learned the words for close relatives:

جد جدة عم عمة خال خالة ابن عمي ابنة خالي ابنة عمي

Arabic Islamic cartoon

Homework: Memorize a part of a nasheed about relatives.

Just for Ammar:

Review vocabulary from the Islamic Arabic cartoon